Our classes and groups are a time-efficient way to learn new skills and make long-awaited changes. Personal support and informative materials are provided.

Classes are held in small groups and led by a psychologist experienced in the topic area. They combine structure with attention to your personal examples to provide concrete directions for positive change. They are also lots of fun – and always come with morning tea.

The following Classes are offered for Parents during Terms 1, 2, and 3.

  • Helping your Child to Sleep Independently
  • Step-Parenting Challenges
  • Toddlers: Tantrums, Eating, Learning and Co-operating!
  • Managing a Parental Separation
  • Helping with Separation Anxiety
  • Bullying

In Term 4 we offer Classes for School Readiness for children preparing to make the transition to Primary School.

Group Programs

Group Programs are a powerful and simple way to deliver well-researched techniques to improve and manage symptoms. Group numbers are limited and meeting regularly in a friendly setting helps to accelerate personal progress.

Our group programs are a great way to make further progress with symptoms, emotions, and self-confidence issues. Each Group is number-limited and led by a psychologist experienced in the topic area. New skills are delivered in a friendly and supportive environment and are further strengthened by ‘homework’ exercises for you to practice in your everyday life.

The Groups can also be useful adjuncts to individual therapy or personal learning which you may be undertaking.

Prior to starting the first session an individual meeting is recommended to ensure that the program you have chosen will be the most effective one for you.

Managing Anxiety

High levels of anxiety and stress can be difficult to control. These practical classes teach simple methods to map out, understand, and start to control these episodes. Over 6 sessions anxiety will be better understood, the links drawn between thoughts, behaviours and anxiety, effective problem solving methods laid out, and supported homework is given for taking effective actions. Hearing how others are grappling with the same issues stops feelings of isolation and provides great encouragement.

* For those who choose, completion of this module allows entry to an ongoing open-ended Anxiety Management group featuring Mindfulness techniques to further consolidate your progress.

Cost: $390 6 sessions of 1 ½ hours

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Anxiety, Stress, and Depression.

ACT is easy to learn and has been found to effectively change thinking processes to clear patterns of self-criticism, worrying, self-condemnation, and other debilitating patterns. ACT helps people to deal with avoidance and poor coping with unpleasant feelings such as loneliness, anxiety, low mood, and emotions that can cause ‘overwhelm’.

Practitioners explain that ACT helps us to deal with feelings of ‘struggle’ or ‘being caught in quicksand’. ACT has been evaluated as very helpful in reducing the power and influence of painful psychological symptoms and emotions.

Cost: $390 4 sessions of 2 hours, held every School Holidays.

*All Groups can be eligible for Medicare rebates when you are referred by your general practitioner. Your Private Health Fund may also offer you rebates.