Those experiencing  violence or its aftermath are often highly stressed.  When trying to decide how to manage in a situation, or finding themselves in the midst of extreme life changes such as having to suddenly find new housing with no extra income, these situations are extremely challenging for people – and all the more so, when also trying to care for children.

Family violence support organisations /victims of crime support agencies may make a referral for help and advice when people are immediately stressed or distressed.  Later on, there may be assessment needed to ascertain the impacts upon children and to prepare for Family Court or Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal matters.  Ongoing counselling helps people to build a new life path and to define ways of feeling safe in the world again.

Referral pathways are often:

  • Direct contact to seek advice and support
  • Referral via a family violence support agency
  • Referral via a victims’ support agency
  • Referral via EACH or the Northern Victims Assistance Program for additional counselling
  • Liaison via a specialist lawyer for support and assessment reports
  • Referral request from the child’s school where stress or behaviour changes have been noticed
  • Referral directly from your GP

Referrals via a family violence support agency are bulk-billed on an ongoing basis.

Call us to request an assessment for a child, or to make appointments for Family Violence/Victims of Crime support.