Separation and Divorce is a very stressful time for both children and parents, and the process can continue for a long period of time. Family members may seek a referral in the following ways:

  • Referral from a GP due to behaviour changes and stress in a child
  • Referral from GP due to stress and upset for a parent.
  • Family Counselling for members to adjust to new/blended situations
  • Post Separation counselling for the parents, to achieve new ways of communicating and managing the child’s needs, whilst lowering stress.

Family Court

In a minority of situations there are special concerns, or communication and co-operation has become very difficult. These cases may progress to the Family Court. We are often asked to help in the following ways:

  • Request for monitoring by an Independent Children’s Lawyer
  • Formal Court request to monitor a child's wellbeing and progress
  • Assistance to both parents to help them support their child's psychological needs after Orders have been made

  • We are unlikely to become involved where Family Court action is in train but not yet resolved.

    Grow Psychology has many years of experience in supporting family members through these difficult times, and in helping to achieve better outcomes for families.

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